...staff are responsive to my enquires and quickly let me know of any issues... - Need 2 View

…staff are responsive to my enquires and quickly let me know of any issues…

Mansfield Need2view maintains my property on my behalf as a landlord. I am continually impressed with how they look after my property, treating it with the same care as if it’s their own. All the staff are responsive to my enquires and quickly let me know of any issues, including their recommendations on how to resolve them.
They have my complete trust, which is a benefit on the basis that I am regularly outside of the UK and on a different time zone. Any work undertaken on my behalf, is run by me first and is always good quality and very affordable. They have a selection of trustworthy trades people to provide repairs and upgrades to my property, who charge at reasonable rates. As an example, after my last tenants vacated my property, it was completely repainted, and repairs made to the kitchen ceiling. The work was done to a good standard and a good price, with the property looking like new for the new tenants to move into.
Some other good points: –
• They select the right tenants who respect the property and pay their rent on time.
• They do not accept any tenant, just to get the property filled.
• I can call their office near closing time with a problem and they sort it for me.
• They inspect my property regularly and maintain good standards.
• They brook no nonsense from tenants regarding their safety and cleanliness.
• I allow pets in my property and they keep a close eye on this aspect.

I highly recommend this company for any potential landlords considering Mansfield Need2View. I will have no hesitation in using their services for other properties that I purchase. I will also give references if required.

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